I’m a 29 years old enthusiastic game programmer from Tunisia. I have been making games since 2012 and I’m currently a Senior Game Developer at NukedCockroach working on Veterans Online. Graduated in 2015 from ESPRIT as a software engineer with a mobile development background. I believe that to keep up with the fast-paced technology and innovations popping off every single day, you have got to love what you are doing.

I’m a flexible programmer with eagerness to learn

I don’t only code because it’s part of my day-to-day job but it’s deeper than that. I love coding, have a passion for developing games and especially am always excited when it comes to solving problems whether within a team or solo.

Over the 5 past years, I have sharpened my skills:

  • Languages: (C#, C++, Java).
  • Engines: (Unity).
  • IDEs: (Visual Studio, Geany, IntelliJ, Android Studio).
  • Agile and Management tools: (Jira, Trello, Slack, Discord).
  • Version Control: (Git, PlasticSCM).

I do love Games!

I remember the first PC game that I have completed with my cousin was Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines back in 1998. Oh boy! what a joy it was… Other than that, I was lucky to have a Super Nintendo and had enjoyed too much of good quality games back then.

For the current me and since I have a competitive mindset, I just try to focus on a couple of games and have fun ranking up(not always, though! :D):

  • Dota2: I feel like blessed to have played this game since 2015, it has changed a lot on me. Though I didn’t play the old Dota, I had 3 years of experience in a similar title: HoN.
  • Overwatch: I just love this game, despite not being an addicted player of the FPS genre. The game is well made in all aspects, it even helped me to understand in-depth the client/server architecture through several netcode conferences from its developers.
  • Hearthstone: I wasn’t surprised that I fell in love with this game since I was a card game player when I was little with all these old Yu-Gi-Oh card battles!

Language Skills

  • Arabic : Native
  • French : Intermediate
  • English : Fluent
  • German : Beginner

Other Qualifications

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