Game Jams


This project post will gather all game jams that I have participated in, I will break down some thoughts and talk about what I have done.


This game was part of the GithubGameOff2019 jam. The theme was LEAPS AND BOUNDS. I formed up a team through networking and posting.

We explored many ideas and I was able to fast prototyping to see what works the most with the base idea that we had.

The final submit was a simple platform game where the character needs to reach the portal while controlling the bounds of the camera’s frame. The player can move the camera around while it will cost battery life.

I was responsible for developing:

  • Main menu
  • Character controls
  • Input system
  • Enemies
  • Camera controller

Here is a speed run of some of the levels:


The next game was developed for the Ludum Dare 44 jam. The theme was YOUR LIFE IS CURRENCY. I contacted developers and artists on Twitter to form a team. I honestly love this preparation and gathering part of the jam. It feels satisfying to chitchat with others and figure out whether we could form a good team or not.

The idea of the game is that the character is the Coins' Master, gifted with the ability to convert his life into magical money minions - Moneyons! The main goal is to solve the puzzle and reach the final lines.

We were delighted that some of the Twitch streamers that test Ludum Dare games have tried our game, one of them is Elysia.

I took the responsibility to implement:

  • Main menu
  • Input system
  • Moneyons behaviors
  • Interactions and possession of objects
  • Pick and throw systems

Here is the video of her playing the game for the first time:

Keep it burning!

This was my latest game jam game, it was part of the Ludum Dare 46. The theme was KEEP IT ALIVE.

This time, commenting on Ldjam website posts was beneficial as we gathered a team so fast. You know that feeling where you are just brainstorming with people you don’t know and minds just clicked so smoothly as if you were working together for so long.

I worked on:

  • Input system
  • Main menu
  • Character controller
  • Torch and crystals behaviors

Here is a video of some of the game play:

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