Veterans Online


Veterans Online is a top-down shooter, developed by NukedCockroach, that mixes the best features of old-school arcade twin-stick shooters with the fierce team-based competitive modes that will challenge your wits and reflexes. Designed to be enjoyed both by casuals and hardcore players, Veterans Online offers a polished and rewarding experience that never neglects its ultimate objective: Bring Together Fun & Competition.

A challenging journey, yet fun!

I started working on Veterans Online in 2016 as a UI programmer. The game was being developed for almost one year when I joined.

I was working on integrating the new design of the main menu along with the needed new UI systems (tabs, popups, etc.)

The game development in Tunisia was something brand new back then. We were the only game studio that is working on such a big scale project.

In less than one year, I was already getting more responsibilities. I started working on game features (Input system, badges, loot boxes, characters selection, etc.)

As we were a very small group of programmers, I took more responsibilities and I started working on creating client/server messages along with managing our NoSQL database (CouchDB relax).

We had tight deadlines for releasing closed-beta versions to test in events that we were participating in. As a small group, we were always ready to deliver. I think the biggest problem that we have faced is the human resources. In Tunisia, there is no game development specialty when you get to the University, so it’s so hard to find experienced game dev oriented programmers, even juniors!

In 2018, I started working on character customization as we shifted from different characters to a single character with cosmetics, it was hard to work on different characters (skills, ultimates, stories) with a small group of people, balancing all characters was a big issue. Anyway, it all started as a sophisticated big challenge and ended up being my baby inside Veterans Online.

I worked on every aspect of it. From the database architecture to client/server messages, to the NoSQL database architecture, to the assets loading system, to the runtime mesh replacement system to the UI along with several tools to aid artists test the assets and much more.

I had the opportunity to talk about it in the Arabic Games Conference:

And this is some of the gameplay:

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